Pepsi Max:
Max Moments at Falls Festival.

Scope of Work:

Activation Branded Content Campaign Content Music Strategy

Well recognised for their history with youth culture and music, Pepsi Max desired to go bold and reconnect with the new breed of music lovers. Falls Festival became the immersive setting to introduce the Pepsi Max flavour range and inspire audiences.

With a two-story house build and carefully crafted rooms, we created a space filled with Pepsi Max colour and Max moments to support the new flavour launch.

Festival attendees were invited to come together and unite at the Pepsi Max House Party where immersive flavour displays resulted in photogenic, sharable moments with friends and, with any epic house party, live music and DJ programming fuelled the dance floor as the festival day turned into night. 22,000+ people attended the Pepsi Max house party reaching close to 500,000 people across festival social channels.