Major Brand Partners Set To Bring in New Years at Falls Festival

Australia’s leading creative cultural agency, Secret Sounds Connect, has their bags packed and ready to hit the road across the country for the 2019/20 Falls Festival with an exciting range of campaigns on offer from Jack Daniel’s, Smirnoff, THE ICONIC, Pepsi, Red Bull, Nintendo, Visa, Strongbow Blossom Róse Cider, Carlton Dry, KFC, Sofi Spritz, Tinder, University of Tasmania, Collarts, Road Safety Advisory Council (RSAC) plus many more.

Secret Sounds Connect is prepared to entertain a huge legion of music lovers during the 2019-20 Falls Festival New Years period. Building on the success of last year’s festival, the agency has created a diverse range of brand-led consumer experiences to excite music lovers and take brands deep into music’s heartland.

Kristy Rosser, Secret Sounds Connect Co-Founder and Managing Director says, “Music fans recognise that brand experiences add value to their festival and music experience. The excellence of our festivals’ brand experiences is something music fans seek out, and Secret Sounds lead the way in this area in our market.”

Rumour, myth and storytelling are part of music culture, but the one common denominator and clear certainty is the passion that surrounds music, and power it wields. The festival offers music fans exclusive moments that will never be forgotten, and brands have a clear path to leverage emotional connection. Custom festival research as part of Secret Sounds Connect recent Love Song project, found that 84% of attendees were More Likely or Likely to purchase or use the brand after their festival experience with 78% declaring that would share the brand with their friends*. This powerful data is core to the Secret Sounds partner strategy process.

This year tens of thousands of music fans will descend on four pristine coastal locations across the country to celebrate, sing, dance, become one with nature and immerse across the wide breadth of festival activities. Each attendee saves income for these life-defining experiences where the average spend is north of $1,000 driving deep immersion and making the most of every moment at the festival.*

An amazing array of major brands are working with Secret Sounds Connect to create strategic brand programs that light-up human emotions and engage this massive national audience. Each campaign uses festival and audience insights, such as Love Song research, to bring each brand to life, ensuring every program delivers scale while creating authentic intrigue for 18-35yo Australians. 

This year Love Song spoke with 9,866 music fans, and the results paint a picture of an engaged, influential and inter-generational group of people – ardent supporters of culture and eager to drive progress. Some results included:

  • 86% feel that music is integral to who they are, and this holds across all age groups.
  • The average music lover interacts with music for 5.2 hours a day.
  • $442 of their disposable income goes to saving for experiences every month.
  • Music lovers are influential across many categories, particularly music, travel and food.
  • The average music lover has a reach of around 1,200 people on Instagram.

The power of music festivals extends across a digital audience of over 1 million as well as the thousands who attend every year. The strength of partnership campaigns come down to how brands tap into the native behaviour of their audience and focusing on being additive to genuine culture. In 2019 sponsorship strategies will extend into partner apps, media publishers, product acquisition, product sales, product demonstrations, career experience and so much more. 

Secret Sounds Connect is forecasting a huge 2019 festival.